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Rebecca Ann Parker

The Rev. Dr. Rebecca Ann Parker is a theologian and president of the Unitarian Universalist Starr King School for the Ministry in Berkeley, California. She is the co-author with Rita Nakashima Brock of Proverbs of Ashes: Violence, Redemptive Suffering, and the Search for What Saves Us (Beacon Press, 2001) and Saving Paradise: How Christianity Traded Love of This World for Crucifixion and Empire (Beacon 2008).


We are already in paradise
There is no land promised to any of us other than the land already given, the world already here.
By Rebecca Ann Parker 6.28.10

Early Christians emphasized paradise, not crucifixion
For almost 1,000 years, the Christian church emphasized paradise, not Crucifixion. How Christianity took a disastrous turn, and how we can rediscover paradise today.
By Rita Nakashima Brock and Rebecca Ann Parker 7.14.08

Love as a way of life
Love demands justice; it can't simply be an emergency strategy when everything has gone wrong.
By Rebecca Ann Parker 7.10.06

Against vengeance
Witness for the things that make for peace.
By Rebecca Ann Parker 9.1.02

Can violence save?
Challenging the theology of redemptive suffering.
By Rita Nakashima Brock and Rebecca Ann Parker 3.1.02