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photo of William G. SinkfordWilliam G. Sinkford

The Rev. William G. Sinkford served as president of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations from 2001 to 2009. In 2010 he was named senior minister of First Unitarian Church of Portland, Oregon.


Our calling, Summer 2009
President Sinkford's farewell column.
By William G. Sinkford 5.15.09

An African pilgrimage
Coming face to face and heart to heart with the reality of slavery.
By William G. Sinkford 3.2.09

Our Calling, Winter 2008
The ever-new promise of Universalism.
By William G. Sinkford 11.1.08

Our calling, Fall 2008
Four lessons for Unitarian Universalists in interfaith work.
By William G. Sinkford 8.18.08

Our Calling, Summer 2008
What is the saving message of your congregation?
By William G. Sinkford 5.15.08

Our calling, Spring 2008
If "money talks," what does it sound like?
By William G. Sinkford 2.15.08

Our calling, Winter 2007
Taking our message to the general public.
By William G. Sinkford 11.1.07

Our calling, Fall 2007
The UUA's comprehensive fundraising campaign will support the growth of Unitarian Universalism in many dimensions.
By William G. Sinkford 8.18.07

Our calling, Summer 2007
It's time to make good on the unfulfilled promise of a racially and culturally diverse Unitarian Universalism.
By William G. Sinkford 6.11.07

Our calling, Spring 2007
What's the purpose of our Association? Shouldn't it trip off the tongue?
By William G. Sinkford 2.15.07

Our calling, Winter 2006
One thing our churches are free to do is work with each other.
By William G. Sinkford 11.1.06

Sexuality education is a religious issue
It's time to put our energy into a sustained fight for comprehensive sexuality education.
By William G. Sinkford 9.18.06

Our calling, Summer 2006
Unifying features of Unitarian Universalist worship.
By William G. Sinkford 7.17.06

Our calling, Spring 2006
The impoverished people of Goz Beida welcomed refugees from Darfur and showed me what radical hospitality really looks like.
By William G. Sinkford 2.15.06

Our calling, Winter 2005
What would it take to inspire our everyday generosity to the level of abundance?
By William G. Sinkford 11.1.05

Our Calling, May/June 2005
Reporting on growth efforts.
By William G. Sinkford 5.1.05

Our Calling March/April 2005
Articulating a liberal religious moral vision
By William G. Sinkford 3.1.05

Our Calling January/February 2005
Continuing the conversation with congregational presidents.
By William G. Sinkford and Gini Courter 1.1.05

Our Calling, March/April 2003
What's your elevator speech about Unitarian Universalism?
By William G. Sinkford 3.1.03

Our Calling, September-October 2001
President Sinkford's first column.
By William G. Sinkford 9.1.01