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Jesus for UU children

New book offers a Unitarian Universalist view.
By Christopher L. Walton
Fall 2007 8.18.07

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Jesus with child and two women

(Jane Conteh-Morgan)

Meet Jesus: The Life and Lessons of a Beloved Teacher. By Lynn Tuttle Gunney. Illus. by Jane Conteh-Morgan. Skinner House Books, 2007; $12.

For the first time in decades, here is a book for young children that offers a Unitarian Universalist view of the historical Jesus. Winsome illustrations and clear prose introduce Jesus as a Jewish boy who grew up to be a “beloved teacher” whose “lessons of love and kindness still bring hope and joy to people all over the world.” The book includes core teachings about forgiveness, peacemaking, and helping the sick and the poor, and retells the parables of the good shepherd and the good Samaritan. It addresses theological differences about Jesus with a simple acknowledgment that “some people say that Jesus was the son of God” while others “say that Jesus was a wise and beloved teacher, whether or not he was the son of God.” An appendix includes the biblical passages that inspired the book. Author Lynn Tuttle Gunney teaches religious education at Mount Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church in Walnut Creek, California.

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