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New paper, new departments

Introducing the new and improved 'UU World.'
By Christopher L. Walton
Spring 2011 2.15.11

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UU World editors (Nancy Pierce)

The UU World editorial team at the 2010 General Assembly: Donald E. Skinner, Sonja L. Cohen, Christopher L. Walton, Kenneth Sutton, and Jane Greer. (Nancy Pierce)

This [Spring 2011] issue marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of this magazine. UU World has even older roots, of course, in the Unitarian Universalist World newspaper the UUA began publishing for all members in 1970 and in much older Universalist and Unitarian periodicals going back to 1819 and 1821.

To celebrate this milestone, we’re delighted to introduce several changes. For the first time, UU World is now printed on recycled paper. Our new paper contains 10 percent post-consumer waste and will save 15 tons of wood, 51 million BTUs of manufacturing energy, 17,458 pounds of greenhouse gasses, 41,565 gallons of wastewater, and 4,623 pounds of solid waste each year. We have long wanted to make the switch and are thrilled to finally have an affordable option. We’re also bringing color back to every page in the magazine. With our new, glossy paper, images should be crisper and brighter—and we’re able to offer advertisers more options. Happily, we were able to make these changes for surprisingly little money, so we’re practicing good stewardship of our environmental and fiscal resources.

But the biggest change is the reorganization of the magazine’s departments. UU World is now organized into five sections—Life, Spirit, Features, News, and Ideas—that also correspond to the departments on our website, uuworld.org. You’ll find more personal essays, more stories about individual UUs, more art, and more takes on UU ideas than ever before. Some old departments have been merged into the new sections: The “Looking Back” history column, the “Forum” essay, and “Letters” have moved into the Ideas section.

The UU World editorial team has been hard at work for months conceiving this new approach and selecting the right material. Senior editor Sonja L. Cohen and managing editor Kenneth Sutton direct the Life section. Sutton edits Spirit, while Cohen edits Ideas. Senior editor Jane Greer oversees the News section; she and contributing editor Donald E. Skinner write most of our news coverage. I’m grateful to have such creative and dedicated colleagues. Let us know what you think. Leave a comment here, write to world@uua.org, or join the conversation at facebook.com/uuworld.

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