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By Christopher L. Walton
Summer 2007 5.15.07

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Many people discuss Unitarian Universalism and UU World stories on blogs. (The largest guide to UU blogs is at UUpdates.net.)

At “Looking for Faith,” Shelby Meyerhoff wrote about Galen Guengerich’s theology of gratitude, “The Heart of Our Faith”: “Practic­ing awareness brings a sense of joy and happiness. But I viewed this earthly gratitude as perhaps separate from faith. Guengerich makes the point that gratitude can be a solid foundation for faith” (lookingforfaith.org, March 8).

The author of “Peaceful Turmoil” also enjoyed Guengerich’s article and linked it to the Buddhist practice of contemplating death: “Each day I will not be upset about what I haven’t had or what I’ve lost, but what I have had and what yet remains, seeing each day as a blessing. And at the moment of my death, if I am conscious, I will be grateful for the chance to live this life” (peacefulturmoil.blogspot.com, April 10).

The Rev. Adam Tierney-Eliot appreciated President William G. Sinkford’s “Our Calling” column about the UUA’s purposes. “[The] purpose of the UUA has a lot to do with serving the congregations and little to do with what those congregations should believe. I like that and hope that it stays that way so there is room for the diversity of perspective that makes us great” (revtierneyeliot.net, February 27).

Elizabeth199, the ministerial-student author of “Elizabeth’s Little Blog,” wrote several times about Amy Hassinger’s article “Ethical Eating,” but wondered, as a vegetarian: “Is there any way for a vegetarian/vegan to suggest that vegetarianism/veganism is the best option for eating without it coming across as obnoxious proselytizing?” (elizabethslittleblog.wordpress.com, March 7).

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