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Audio Recordings, Spring 2009

Playing audio files

Audio recordings of the Spring 2009 UU World are available as .mp3 files. You may listen to the magazine in sections or article by article: The first five links below group related articles together; the numbered tracks offer individual articles in the order in which they appear in the magazine.

The links will open in a new browser tab. If your browser is set up to play mpeg audio files, the audio will play. You can also download the .mp3 files for later listening by right-clicking on the link.

These recordings are made possible by the UUA Department of Communications and the UUA Office of Accessibility Concerns, and were recorded by Dick Hill with audio production by Peter Bowden.

Commuting-length audio files

Front Matter : Opening Words, From the editor, Our calling, Mailbox, Letters to the editor, On the Web, What in the World? (36:18)

Ideas : Forum, Bookshelf, Books by UU Authors, Looking Back (40:29)

News : Congregational Life, Spiritual Landmarks, News (46:02)

Spirit: Reflections (23:52)

Features (1:21:31)

Individual articles

TRACK 01 Opening Words: An entangled bank (2:12)

TRACK 02 From the editor: Charles Darwin’s bicentennial (4:03)

TRACK 03 Our calling: An African pilgirmage (10:16)

TRACK 04 Mailbox (3:08)

TRACK 05 Letters to the editor (8:27)

TRACK 06 On the Web: Blog roundup (includes Traffic report: Top ten online) (7:12)

TRACK 07 FORUM: Working together to create common security (11:46)

TRACK 08 CONGREGATIONAL LIFE: Congregations remain hopeful in face of recession (7:53)

TRACK 09 SPIRITUAL LANDMARKS: Expanding a landmark (2:47)

TRACK 10 Serving Dionysus (8:45)

TRACK 11 SABBATH: Ecological spiritual delight (11:36)

TRACK 12 CREATIONS: low hanging fruit (1:26)

TRACK 13 POEM: Totem games (2:13)

TRACK 14 Natural Faith (16:33)

TRACK 15 Our inner ape (13:59)

TRACK 16 Imagineers of Soul (24:23)

TRACK 17 True to my lineage (28:19)

TRACK 18 UUA prepares for belt tightening (4:47)

TRACK 19 Pa. start-up church takes new approach (4:56)

TRACK 20 UUA presidential candidates speak (5:52)

TRACK 21 Elections brought UUs joy and sorrow (5:39)

TRACK 22 Working group meets to plan youth ministry (2:00)

TRACK 23 UUA emphasizes Google AdWords (1:57)

TRACK 24 UU to head ex-Universalist school (4:40)

TRACK 25 GA to vote on new UUA Principles (10:45)

TRACK 26 Bookshelf: Holding the center (16:39)

TRACK 27 CD to Note: Music for an imaginary exit (1:57)

TRACK 28 Books by UU authors (6:30)

TRACK 29 What in the World? Questions for spiritual reflection and adult group discussions (6:11)

TRACK 30 LOOKING BACK: Peace Network rallied UUs against nukes (5:58)