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My Goddess, My Love.

My goddess, my love

From the stage to the canvas.
By Mollie Kellogg
Winter 2009 11.1.09

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My Goddess, My Love. © Mollie Kellogg. Mixed media, 48 x 36 inches.

As a former actress, Mollie Kellogg writes that “Theatre created opportunities for my fine art when mural-sized figures of nudes on stretched canvas caught the attention of local critics. [Then] oversized nudes became impractical to produce. A transition to smaller, more personal work became important, as well as exploring many new themes in my life. Today my paintings are still figurative in nature—and I often use family, friends, fellow artists, and myself as reference—but they are now more complex, and more intimate. As an actress missing her stage, I feel these paintings are moments expressed in body language and facial expression. I feel each curve and the position of each figure as if I were on a stage performing the scene as I paint.”

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